Business Exposure For Chamber of Commerce

Business Exposure for Chamber of Commerce is a great way to help our local businesses.

By Tonya Pugh

EliteTVnetwork is a Developer/Production Company for TV Channels and Shows on Roku TV. We want to help get exposure for the Chamber members from the 59.2 million users on Roku. For a small fee the Chamber can earn extra income.

The process is quite simple. The Chamber gets their members to make a video about their business. Like a regular TV commercial. Make sure they put their contact info on the video. The length of the video can be no longer than 7 minutes. We suggest you charge the businesses $100 a month, it renews every 30 days. You collect the money from the members.

“We develope,produce and manage the TV channel. All you do is send us the video. We will do the rest”

I know for a fact that everyone has a High School or church in their city. There is something we can work out to get them on TV. And there has to be businesses in your area that will benefit from this.

If interested or Have Any Questions Email us:

ALERT: Roku TV Advertising Available $99 Per Month
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Place up to a 30 second video ad on one of my Roku TV channel. There’s 59.2 million viewers on Roku. At this monthly price, this is the cheapest you will find anywhere.

Important: No 3rd party links, No Shortened links, No Affiliate links, No Porn. Roku won’t allow it.

Your responsibility:

Make and Send Video
A title of video
A short description
Link of video- Video must be an Mp4
Add contact info in video
Video can be no longer than 30 seconds

The process is simple, just pay for an advertising spot. Send me a 30 second video ad about your business to


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