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Do YOU have an interesting story to tell?

Would YOU like to PRESERVE all that you have accomplished in your life?

Have you ever wanted to hear your loved ones voice or see that special someone again?

Now you can…

We Develop & Produce Custom TV Channels & Shows.

 We also create custom Commercials, Logos, Intro & Outro, Transitions & Credits 
We do all the behind the scenes work so Your Business or Show looks SPECTACULAR on Television!
Get Your Business in front of 26 + million eyeballs !

The Channels

America’s Finest (US Military)

Johnny Dollar

Virtual Sessions

In-Studio and Virtual Sessions are the best way to get your documentary done.  Receive personalized attention while we work on your movie.

The Vision

The Vision of EliteTV Network is to help people like you tell your own stories and get them on Television!  Yes, Tell YOUR OWN story in a documentary format so your Loved ones can always have digital memories and other people can learn something fascinating about your life! 

Founder of EliteTVNetwork. Hi, My name is Tonya and I produce documentaries for people who have an interesting story to tell. I was born in California. TV and Film has always been a passion of mine. 

Tonya Pugh


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Senior Advisor

Russell Pugh


Senior Sales Rep

Kimberly Marchand

Senior Sales

Graphic Design

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Graphic Design

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EliteTV Network

Everyone is stuck at home watching TV, flipping through the channels and there it is… You’re documentary, Your Life~told by YOU! 

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Together with my team we want to bring you different ways to get your Roku and Amazon Fire TV Channels set up without the heavy price tag the other guy is charging!

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