WP Smart TV Course
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WP Smart TV Course

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UNTIL 9/30/20

Welcome to The WP Smart TV Course!

I’m going to show you how to turn your WordPress website into Your own OTT Live Streaming TV Network!

I give you an over the shoulder view at how I do this

So grab a pen and paper or just follow along with me and turn your WordPress website into a streaming success!

Frequently Asked Questions

WP Smart TV Course

Do I need a WordPress website for this to work?

Yes. This is a special plugin that was built for WordPress only. 

Do I need video hosting such as Vimeo for my videos? 

Yes. You can use Vimeo, which is very expensive btw. Or you can self host your videos on your WP website, which will take up tons of space or you can ask me about my special offer just for my Students.

Does this come with Live Streaming?

No. Although, I do have a Live Streaming Service that I am offering to my Students at a special discount that INCLUDES UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH. And you will not find that anywhere else!

Will this include a WordPress website?

No. But if you would like to skip all the time and effort that goes into building your own OTT Live Streaming TV Network and have my team and I build it for you, I do have a DFY system using the same Theme like my Website in the course (You will have to see it, it’s pretty amazing)  

Is there a refund?


As you probably already guessed, there are no refunds.

This offer is WAY too big.

And there is way too much manual work involved in delivering some of these.

I’m basically handing you the world on a silver platter and asking for “pennies” in return.

All sales are final.

But again, you probably already guessed that 😉

Follow along with me and turn your WordPress website into a STREAMING SUCCESS!