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The Roku TV channels which is driven by our Exclusive Feed System is the new Secret traffic goldmine used by Netflix, YouTube and Disney and More…

What if I told you there was a secret video traffic portal that pulled in 6,546 subscribers in just 11 days……without any paid traffic, promotion or marketing……and using other people’s videos?

What you’re about to witness is going to change the marketing world as we know it.

Forget Vimeo, Google, Facebook, and all the overcrowded social media websites.

This is a truly untapped, but rapidly growing traffic portal that’s ripe for the picking…ready to help you get INSANE daily exposure across millions of homes in America, Europe, Australia and more.

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Grab The Amazon Fire TV OR Roku Json Feed Course(Become a Producer) Today and see how you can get a piece of this traffic goldmine right now!


The Json Feed System is a new course that comes with software and templates to build an Json feed to drive your Roku Channel. It allows you to take your Vimeo videos or  Videos from any other video host (other than Youtube) to create your channel feeds. 

  • Free Software to Create your Feeds

  • Easy to follow video and Help Guide allow you to work fast and create your feeds in minutes not hours! 

  • Create Unlimited Feeds, No Agency or White Label License needed! You get a Developer License included!

  • Create Roku TV Channel Feeds for yourself and your clients!

Roku TV Channel Feed Templates included to create the feeds!

Create your Roku TV Channels without any monthly fees!

Develop Roku Channels for yourself or Create them for Clients! Finally use your Vimeo videos for Roku TV. We show you how!

~Develop Roku TV Channels for yourself or Create them for Clients!


~No Special Apps needed!


~We broke the code and found the solution to put you ahead of everyone else, Now’s the time to take action!

Our Goal Is To Get you on TV!

Now You To Can Be a Leading Roku TV Channel Production company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Roku TV Feed System

Can I use Vimeo Hosting, will it work with the Amazon Creator App ?

Yes, We designed this course with the Vimeo Hosting platform in mind. Although you can currently use another video hosting service.

Am I allowed to host my feed on my site or my clients site?

Yes, you are allowed to place the feed on any hosting account whether your own or your clients.

Do I need to purchase an Agency or White Label License?

No, you have a developers license to create as many feeds as you like for yourself or your clients.

What are my right as a license holder?

You have the right to personally use this course and the content for yourself. You cannot give away, share or resell the Roku TV Feed Course content. However, you have the right to resell the feeds you created with this course. 

Do I need to purchase anything else?

You do not need to purchase anything else for this course to work for you. We do offer a Amazon Fire TV feed course which allows you to create unlimited feeds to drive Amazon Fire TV Channels. 

So if you would like more information to purchase BOTH courses at a special low price click the button below!

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