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YouTube 2018: No Adult Content

YouTube 2019: Not Kid Content


Why not YouTube…
I know what you’re thinking – it’s free right?
Yes. For a reason.
It’s not designed to make you money. It’s designed to make YouTube money.
Your Traffic LEAKS –
You’re Basically Only Making Money for YouTube By Hosting Your Videos on There…
YouTube is full of ads that not only puts your viewers off and massively lowers your engagement…
BUT also, actively sends your traffic elsewhere –
It’s full of suggestions for related videos that guarantees your viewers will get distracted and go elsewhere! –Forgetting what they were watching something of yours in the first place.
And with over 400 hours of videos uploaded to YouTube every single minute…
It’s WAY too easy for your videos to get lost in the crowd.
The Fact is – You Tube Is Not Meant for Marketing…
It’s Meant for Watching Funny Cat Videos.
(And Making You Tube Itself Money!)
Take The ‘You’ Out Of YouTube – Because YouTube Is Only Created For Their Benefit – Not For Yours.



The Smart Way To TV

Television has ALWAYS been a powerful advertising tool. We bring Live Streaming in Real Time to On-Demand TV Channels and Shows!  ROKU, AMAZON FIRE TV and Apple TV are changing the way television is being streamed and viewed from homes and with 38 + million active accounts you can bet that they will continue to grow. 


Spend More Time Doing What You Love

Your Video’s can be an integral part of building your own TV channel. You’ve spent the money to get your video’s created, now use them to grow your audience, build your brand, and monetize like the big companies. Become a household name!

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I am the Founder of The Richard A Whitt Foundation where I help Veterans get their stories out on my TV networks such as Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV with a channel I developed and produced called the Unsung American Hero. I am also writing a book for my Father Richard about gardening… but more about that later. 

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